Monday, September 29, 2008

18 years and how many more ?

On 23rd of September, i got couples of phone calls when i was studying and asking for my father news. Actually, that day was very nice day as 8 political prisoners had been released from the different prisons together with other 9000 prisoners. Sayar Gyi U Win Tin and others has been released. It was so good for our democracy force as Sayar U Win Tin is the iron man who is very reliable and he will do as much as he can to get democracy in our country.

However, we are speechless ! as my father has not been released yet and we expected that he would release. I made several phone calls to my mother and she was also a bit upset about that. But these are not so strange for our family as my father has been in the prison for 18 years. Now there are only few MPs in the jail and my father is one of them and he is now the longest serving person in the jail as he was arrested in 1990. My father is still very strong in his belief but his health was not like that. He has to take the tablets for a couple of diseases. What i want to request is that please demend the release of all political prisoners including Daw Aung San Su Kyi and others including my father as my father has been in the jail for 18 years and we don't have the family life yet. Don't forget about not well-known politicians of our country.

10 Members of Parliament Who Remain in Prison No Name States/Divs Constituency Party Date of Arrest Prison
From NCGUB website

1 Zaw Myint Maung, Dr. Mandalay Amarapura-1 NLD date of arrest- 00-11-1990 Myitkyina 37 Years
2 Naing Naing Rangoon Pazundaung NLD 00-08-2000 Insein 21 Years
3 Kyaw Kyaw, Dr. Pegu Yetashe-1 NLD 18-09-2002 Taungoo 19 Years
4 Aung Soe Myint Pegu Taungoo-1 NLD 31-08-2003 Thayet 7 Years
5 Khun Tun Oo Shan Thibaw-1 SNLD 09-02-2005 Putao 93 Years
6 Kyaw Khin Shan Taunggyi-1 NLD 25-02-2005 Taunggyi 14 Years
7 Kyaw Min Arakan Butheetaung-1 NDPHR 17-03-2005 Insein 47 Years
8 Kyaw San Sagaing Tantse NLD 17-03-2005 Insein 7 Years
9 Saw Hlaing Sagaing Inndaw NLD 30-03-2005 Kathar 12 Years
10 Khin Maung Win Pegu Oaktwin-2 NLD 31-03-2006 Insein Detention


Mid said...

hi folks ,

looking for a link to the actual report

"Human Rights Abuses in the Junta's Prisons",

not articles refering to the report there are plenty but the actual report itself



Dr.Zaw Myint Maung said...

hello mid

this is the letter handed to U.N special envoy Mr Yozoyokota in 1990s by Dr ZMM. I have no idea about the original version right now.