Saturday, November 15, 2008


December 11 is my father's birthday. We will do something good on that day. Time is running so fast. We have been living apart for almost 18 years. What did we achieve within these years ? I think we did our best on our part. My mom's unshakable attitudes are so much compatible with my dad's unbowed accomplishments. My mom at the moment have already brought up two sons and one daughter to be educated ones. Whatever the difficulties down the road, we will try to overcome with the strength and power of love provided by my parents. Now my father is the MP serving the longest prison term in Myit-Kyi-Na prison. My mom will see him on November 23 with my sister. Let the hardships of our family be known by those people who are trying for democracy in Burma. Honesty will last foreever. We hope for moral support. I would say this is the time we need to be united again to put our names in history. A weell-known Burmese writer Ba Maw Tin Aung said that the value of a person can be assessed by how much he did national duties put on his shoulders by history. As both his son and a citizen of Burma, I give him due respect on his coming 58 th birthday. Long live ! Father. We need your energy and dedication for our country. Truth will be written in Burmse history.

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